Hormone Optimization & Contest Prep

Personalized hormone support plans for men and women to help optimize your hormones and alleviate imbalance symptoms. Your program will include a comprehensive review of all compounds (PEDs if applicable), supplements, blood panels, diagnostic testing, and training protocols. Get your body and diet in shape with a contest prep plan to achieve your competitive physique goals!

Sports Performance Nutrition

Get a personalized sports performance nutrition plan to help you achieve your athletic performance goals with the support of a trusted expert. Work with me one-on-one for the support you need, from off-season to in-season training. 

Professional Consulting

Do you have health and fitness optimization questions that need answers from a specialist? I'm here to help! Schedule an online video call with me to discuss health markers, bloodwork, hormone optimization goals, diet plans, sports performance nutrition, and contest prep.

Collection: Top Coaching Plans & Services

Find a personalized coaching plan to fit your specific physique and performance needs. Receive expert advice and consulting from a performance enhancement specialist who understands the body's workings. From men's and women's hormone health and fitness to physique, strength and conditioning, and athletic performance.

Just need quick advice or support? Choose from either a 30-minute or 1-hour online video consultation.