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Strongman Training to Build Massive Size and Strength with Atlas Stones!

Are you tired of conventional gym routines that seem to yield minimal results? Are you seeking a training approach that will not only challenge your body but also catapult your strength and muscle size to new heights? Look no further than the empowering world of strongman training! Far beyond just showcasing feats of brute force, strongman training is a dynamic and effective way to achieve remarkable gains in both muscle mass and raw power.

In this blog post, we'll delve into our old school Strongman training eBook, specifically the Atlas Stone. Uncovering how it can help you sculpt a physique that commands attention and respect. Prepare to unleash the beast within as we unveil the key elements of strongman training and how they can revolutionize your fitness journey!

The Atlas Stones event is an iconic and visually captivating discipline in Strongman competitions that showcases the competitors' immense strength, technique, and determination. It involves lifting and placing heavy spherical stones of varying weights onto platforms or barrels of increasing height. Here's a description of the Atlas Stones event:

Atlas Stones

 Set Up:

  • Arrange a series of spherical stones, known as Atlas Stones, in a line on the ground, starting with the lightest and progressing to the heaviest.
  • Position the platforms or barrels at the end of the line, where the stones need to be lifted and placed.
  • Stand at the starting point, ready to tackle the challenge of the Atlas Stones.

     Lifting Technique:

    • Approach the first stone, bending down with a slight bend in your knees and reaching your arms around the stone.
    • Hug the stone tightly to your body, securing a firm grip.
    • Use your lower body and back muscles to generate upward force while simultaneously rolling the stone up your body, leveraging your strength effectively.

       Hoisting and Placement:

      • As the stone rolls up your body, continue the upward movement until you reach the desired height for placement.
      • Drive with your legs and hips to propel the stone upward and onto the platform or barrel.
      • Aim for accuracy and control as you position the stone on the platform, ensuring it is fully supported and stable before releasing your grip.

         Repeating the Lifts:

        • Immediately move on to the next stone in the line, maintaining a steady pace and rhythm.
        • Adjust your technique and grip as necessary for each stone, as they may vary in size, weight, and texture.
        • Continue lifting and placing the stones in ascending order of weight until you've completed the entire series or achieved the required number of lifts.

           Strategy and Adaptation:

          • Develop a strategy based on your strengths and familiarity with the Atlas Stones.
          • Consider factors such as grip strength, leg power, and overall stability in determining the most efficient approach for each stone.
          • Adapt your technique and grip based on the specific characteristics of each stone, optimizing your chances of successful lifts.

             Safety Precautions:

            • Prioritize safety by using proper lifting mechanics and maintaining control of the stones throughout the event.
            • Be mindful of your surroundings, ensuring there's enough space to maneuver without interference from other objects or individuals.
            • Start with stones that are manageable for your strength level, gradually increasing the weight as you gain proficiency and confidence.
            • If you experience any discomfort or fatigue during the lifts, listen to your body and take breaks as needed to avoid potential injuries.

              The Atlas Stones event is a spectacle like no other, showcasing the competitors' raw strength, technique, and mental fortitude. It represents the ultimate test of lifting and placing heavy objects, highlighting the indomitable spirit and pursuit of incredible feats of strength in the world of Strongman competitions.

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